WMBackup - Windows Live Mail Backup Software

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Version History

18. October 2011 - Version 2.80
  • Preventing shutdown of monitor and computer during the backup (bypass energy saving options)
  • Upward compatibility of batch files; future options will be saved, even if they are not defined
  • Point to Windows Live Mesh, if certain Live data is not accessible
  • Showing printer selection dialog before printing report
  • Correct display of Mail program to shut down
  • Extended report: Deleted backup files will be listed
  • BugFixes:
    • Access to network resources possible again, when selecting a backup for restore
    • If Internet Explorer hasn't been started once and you have selected the option "Deleting existing IE Favorites" for restore, WMBackup deleted all backup files because a wrong folder path was returned
    • Test button won't be displayed, if no backup file is selected in the Backup Viewer
    • Intercept integrity check error
    • Intercept error while readout of damaged backup files
    • Intercept error when loading outdated backup information
20. February 2011 - Version 2.70
  • Readout of mail folder structure optimized (up to 66% time saving)
  • Improved determining of default folders
  • Backup Viewer: additional display of the Backup Report
  • Backup Viewer: additional testing of Backup File possible now
  • Multi-level readout of database structure, for support all database versions
  • Display of e-mail folder structure in WMBackup similar to Windows Live Mail, incl. the appropriate folder order
  • BugFixes:
    • Save Report in Unicode-format
    • Corrected deselection of Junk E-mail and Deleted Items
    • Read and display greek folder names
    • "Minimize window" error fixed
    • Updated check when doing automated backups disabled
    • Error when aborting selection of Firefox during restoring a backup fixed
27. November 2010 - Version 2.35
  • Routine for readout of database structure expanded
  • BugFixes:
    • '''' is not a valid integer value, if version of Windows Live can't be determined
14. November 2010 - Version 2.31
  • Routine for determining database structure expanded
  • Windows Live Mail 2011 compatible -> Backup of the new Contacts Database
  • Determining and displaying of used Windows Live Mail version
  • automated conversion of Wave3 Contacts to Wave4 Contacts
  • BugFixes:
    • already existing e-mails will be deleted again
    • Database Cache Files will be deleted before restorng data
18. August 2010 - Version 2.20
  • Detects Windows Mail Vista 64 Bit on Windows 7 64 Bit now
  • Improved folder structure determination
  • BugFixes:
    • Corrected determination of IMAP folder structure
    • Windows Live Mail: Restore single folders as import folder
21. April 2010 - Version 2.14
  • Comments will be shown in the Backup Viewer
  • BugFixes:
    • Error while determining user path, when restoring Windows Live Contacts Database
    • Intercept access violation, when WMBackup couldn't create a folder
25. January 2010 - Version 2.12 Build 400
  • BugFix: Registration of the File Extension
  • BugFix: Incorrect writing of the Live Contact informationen to the Registry
21. January 2010 - Version 2.12 Build 395
  • BugFix: Correction of restored Message Rules
  • BugFix: Syntax Error while restoring the Program Settings (prefsmain.ols)
  • BugFix: Corrected graphical display of saved Settings
  • Defective Backup Files will be deleted automatically now
15. January 2010 - Version 2.10
  • Expanded readout of folder structure
  • Detection of Windows Mail on Windows 7 64bit
  • Restoring of Windows Vista Contacts now also possible on Windows 7
  • Confirmation prompt when trying to abort Settings for Automated Backup
  • Correct registry transfer of Unicode data in binary format
  • Delayed access to the Windows Mail database, when closing the e-mail client automatically, in order to ensure appropriate access
  • Possible to switch between Backup Report and Graphical Display after backup
  • Bugfix: Automated restart of Windows Live Mail after creating a backup
  • Bugfix: Wrong measure of quantity in backup report, if no Live Databases have been found