WMBackup - Data Backup for Windows Mail and Live™ Mail

compatible to Windows 8 and Windows Live Mail 2012

Outlook Express is history. You can use the e-mail client Windows Live™ Mail since Windows XP and with Windows Vista came Windows Mail. But anyway the principle applies:

Backup your e-mails and settings of Microsoft® Windows Mail respectively Windows Live™ Mail regularly. Restore these data in case of emergency or copy these data to another computer. WMBackup - Data Backup for Windows (Live™) Mail is an easy-to-use tool for the automated archiving of E-mails, E-mail Accounts, Message Rules, Junk E-mail Filters, Signatures, etc... as well as the Calendar, the Contacts and the Favorites respectively Bookmarks of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

Main window - more screen shots...

In case you already used MOBackup (www.mobackup.com), you will quickly become familiar with this program as WMBackup uses the same easy-to-use interface.

Download 20. January 2014 - V3.60
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