WMBackup - Data Backup for
Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail

Download the Shareware Version

Program Features

The software takes you step by step through the selection of data to be saved. You only need to decide which data should be backed up.

The program supports

  • Microsoft® Windows Mail running on Windows® Vista™
  • Microsoft® Windows Live™ Mail running on Windows® XP, Windows® Vista™ and Windows® 7

Backup and Restore of the following Data

  • E-mails including attachments from all or individual folders
  • E-mail Accounts and Accounts of News and Directory Services *
  • Message Rules *
  • applied Signatures
  • Blocked * and Safe Senders
  • Stationery Files
  • Custom Dictionaries

On Windows Vista will be backed up and restored

  • the Windows® Contacts and Contact Groups
  • the various Windows Calendars *
  • the list of recently used Addresses (only Windows Mail)

The following Windows Live Data will be saved and restored

  • Windows Live Calendar Database
  • Windows Live Contacts Database

These Browser Data will be saved and restored

  • Internet Explorer Favorites *)
  • Internet Explorer Cookie Settings
  • Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks
  • Opera Bookmarks, Addresses, Notes and Widgets

Additional Features

  • Automated Backup Creation with Batch File or Desktop Shortcut
  • Creates a single Backup File for a data backup to a bigger medium (e.g. ZIP drive, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Tapes, etc.)
  • Individual definition of the compression rate
  • Protect the Backup Files with a Password
  • Definition of the number of Backups to be stored
  • Creates a detailed Report of saved and restored data
  • Printout of the Report after having finished the Automated Backup (optional)
  • Selective or complete recovery of saved data
  • Integrated Software Update Search
  • Backup Viewer for display of the backed up data
  • Blind users can operate the software completely by keyboard